Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Dress: UO, Shoes: Toms

For my boyfriends birthday I took him to Barcelona for a couple of days this last weekend and it was amazing! I wrongly thought I'd be able to blog from the hotel but they didn't have wifi!?! Turns out it's a privilege, not a right. Anyways all the photos are on his camera which I can't get my hands on today but watch this space...


Sunday, 26 June 2011

the living is easy

Top: H&M, Dress as skirt & Sandals: UO

Shall I rave on about the awesomeness of the weather today? Nah.
First time this year I've had bare legs and sandals and it felt amazing. I've had two ice-creams in the last six hours and loved it.
This dress was a present from my boyfriend and whilst I love the girliness and fun the colour is pretty much my skin tone which rules out wearing it as a dress - sadface. But the skirt, skirt works.


Friday, 24 June 2011


Jacket: £3 Shop, T-shirt: H&M, Trews: Zara, Trainers: Fei Yue

Mao! That's cat in Chinese, it's not all just me looking aggressive over here, although there is a lot of that going on today, no there's learning too.
£3 Shop, £1 Jacket.
Today has been spent book binding and card marking. My first foray into paperback binding a book and it's fairly easy, I wrote a childrens book for my boyfriends niece's first birthday and it's looking pretty cool. Exciting times.


Sunday, 19 June 2011

So in right now.

Cardi: GAP, Shirt: £3 shop, Jeans: Zara

Anyone who lives in Manchester unless they do so with their head in a hole (ITV3 have an adaptation of 'Emma' on the TV as I write, therefore the voice in my head has become somewhat Austenien - thank your stars it's not The Wire or this post would be far more offensive), knows about the £3 vintage shop at the end of Oldham Street. Whilst many of the shops around there have become pricey and occasionally a bit boring the £3 shop is full of crap, which makes finding the occasional gem for £3 or less that much more satisfying. Like this shirt, it's big in a gawky way which I like and the pattern is very 'now' - quite exciting for me.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


This outfit turned out to be a nightmare, absolute and wholeheartedly awful. Tights + slip + skirt made apparently out of plastic = static nightmare. I made it out of the house but only as far as the toilets in the Arndale shopping centre where I desperately clawed at my static filled lower half with no avail and had to scurry back home looking like I was wearing some pink polka dot harem pants. And to think I left the house feeling so chic and ladylike.


Friday, 10 June 2011


Jumper: Huk, T-shirt: H&M, Trousers: Zara, Boots: TK Maxx

And life resumes! Finished exams and everything and now I have to whole summer stretching out in front of me, full of...nothing. I have classic post-exams, 'what do I do with my life?' confusion. Apparently I watch a lot of glee and tidy the flat, which isn't very satisfactory so I'll be working on something, probably involving eBay and Chinese bulk manufacturers.

Either way, this top was the other 'classics' buy except each stripe is made up of a little blue tinted cityscape, so there's probably nothing'classic' about it. Oh well.

Hope everyone's enjoying the mental four seasons in an hour weather.


Saturday, 28 May 2011

New stuff

Top: H&M, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Kate Kanzier

Right so on Wednesday we had our Chinese written exam which for me was an unmitigated disaster in the way only an exam you have to write in Chinese can be, so afterwards I went shopping and picked up both this top and trousers - the trousers from Zara I was pleasantly surprised to find fit, and with ankle zips! Being 5ft nothing with a 'strange' figure (read 'perfectly normal') I struggle to get trousers that fit without lots of rolling up so zips and exciting features are normally a no-no. After this I thought wearing new stuffs would make me forget the exam and feel all ooooh and oooh and new and excited.....but it didn't.

Scarf: India, Cardi:......somewhere a long time ago

Adding the cardi and scarf and vague jazz hands helped a bit but overall new clothes just feel too...new. I went for 'basics' and there just isn't the same excitement as picking up something like a mental vintage shirt from a car boot sale. But I suppose it has to be done.
Thrilling climax to a blog post right there.

I'm off to eurocultured to spend the day watching lots and lots of other people have loads of fun from behind a bar whilst sneakily imbibing as much free food and drink as possible. Anyone in Manchester, you should pop down!


(I still have one exam :( so blogging will be back to the back seat)