Saturday, 28 May 2011

New stuff

Top: H&M, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Kate Kanzier

Right so on Wednesday we had our Chinese written exam which for me was an unmitigated disaster in the way only an exam you have to write in Chinese can be, so afterwards I went shopping and picked up both this top and trousers - the trousers from Zara I was pleasantly surprised to find fit, and with ankle zips! Being 5ft nothing with a 'strange' figure (read 'perfectly normal') I struggle to get trousers that fit without lots of rolling up so zips and exciting features are normally a no-no. After this I thought wearing new stuffs would make me forget the exam and feel all ooooh and oooh and new and excited.....but it didn't.

Scarf: India, Cardi:......somewhere a long time ago

Adding the cardi and scarf and vague jazz hands helped a bit but overall new clothes just feel I went for 'basics' and there just isn't the same excitement as picking up something like a mental vintage shirt from a car boot sale. But I suppose it has to be done.
Thrilling climax to a blog post right there.

I'm off to eurocultured to spend the day watching lots and lots of other people have loads of fun from behind a bar whilst sneakily imbibing as much free food and drink as possible. Anyone in Manchester, you should pop down!


(I still have one exam :( so blogging will be back to the back seat)

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  1. I am so glad I never have to take another exam, ever again urgh, I have been avoiding Zara with its overly tempting ways as trying to save up!