Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Spotted and topp-ed.

Top: £1 Vintage place, Belt: Vintage off my Mum, Skirt: Oxfam

Oh, I'm sorry you caught me drinking tea! And almost caught me doing this...

Love a belly top. In the right context.

I got the skirt from an Oxfam in Liverpool on Saturday and it was £4 which to me seemed a bit pricey. I accept that charity shops are exactly that, charity, but I would have bought more stuff if everything hadn't been £4. There's a big difference between a casual £8 and a not so casual over the £10 mark £12, at least to an impoverished student. And know the clothes I bought hadn't been cleaned before sale...the lady I shuffled away from a million times because I was convinced it was her that smelt so bad probably isn't so aware of that.


Notage: Bizarrely I just popped over to Fashion Pearls of Wisdom and found this Grazia spread:

what can I say, I hadn't seen any of this, but I'm quite clearly fashion psychic. All I need to do now is look half as good in my vintage version.


  1. Ha ha no lawsuit honest, its fine to use the photo. I have to say I prefer your skirt with the little dots, who wants to pay £120 for the same skirt everyone else has, madness! Pearl