Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Snoood: H&M, Jacket: Ebay(BB), Dress: Japan, Boots: KK

Fake out.
I didn't wear this out today. I can't get my head around the leather jacket, or more precisely the sleeves. They're big and I'm convinced they're too big and I'm only little so between the two it's really too big. Ditto yesterdays red trousers, after a day of wear there was no getting round it, they're too big. Big big big.
I can tell I'm back in my regular eBay lull. I'll really get into eBay totally love it and not be able to work out why anyone ever buys anything in a shop then loads of stuff arrives that's no good and I have to re-sell it (losing 10%) and I suddenly remember the joy of real shopping. What d'you reckon online or offline? Or a careful blend of the two I've never really been able to master?



  1. Love the layering and sometimes oversized can be okay with vintage items? I seem to veer between online and offline shopping but at the moment I shouldn't really be doing either!

  2. Oh yeah I definitely shouldn't be doing either! I think that's why eBay is winning, I've banned myself from the high street, but the virtual marketplace? No rules there!xx