Thursday, 24 March 2011

A variation on a theme

H&M, Top: Vintage Jaeger, Shorts: Topshop (Though I've had them so long they're practically vintage), Tights: Topshop, Shoesies: KK, Bag: Blue Rinse Vintage, Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

As any return readers shall note this outfit is yet again a variation along a theme, this is how I roll. My life is like a 'Take ONE item and wear it for 30 days' blogging marvel.
I'm not gonna lie to you, I was a little bit worried the bag/jacket wouldn't go but actually pink and red? Fantastically clashy.
Terribly excited today as I've a list of things this big (stretch your arms out as far as they go) to do but the list is entitled "THINGS TO DO BEFORE CENTERPARCS WEEKEND" wooo! Twelve people, two executive lodges, one mega swimming pool. Can't wait.


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