Monday, 24 January 2011


Bad day today, my new favourite ever ASOS leather jacket I bought for an absolute bargain arrived and it was about a hundred million dulux colour shade charts away from the russet brown of the website photo. Absolutley horrible and a massive disappointment. Then to make matters worse I completely cocked up my Chinese oral exam, total disaster of comedy sketch proportions, my laptop freaked out and wouldn't stop playing a youtube clip of me speaking Chinese until I took the battery was completely bad.

But yes, I have a few dressing golden rules that I try and stick to and a biggie is 'Don't get dressed in anger', or you try and channel some sort of...I can wear pedal pushers if I want vibe. But I like it.

Oh yeah, new problem, focusing.

bodychain: UO, Jumper: Coast (nicked off my mum), trousers that shrunk in the wash: H&M, socks: M&S, boots: Kate Kanzier


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  1. 'Don't get dressed in anger' love it!! That is so bad about the jacket though!