Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Jacket: Japan, Hoodie: Primark, Jumper: Huk, Jeans: Topshop, Necklace: Vivienne Westwood, Booooots: Kate Kanzier

Yeah, one pop of the hood and I'm gangsta!
Ouch so my first mention of Primark. I don't wear Primark, pretty much never, I got this hoodie about 3 years ago for a halloween outfit and I'm gonna put it out there that it's the only piece of Primark in my current - and extensive, wardrobe. There's nothing about Primark I like.
When I was younger I used to tube it with my friends over to the Hammersmith branch every Saturday and top up on a bag full of crap which back then genuinely only cost a tenner. Then about 4 years ago I realised I tended to only wear the stuff I got there for a max. of three weeks, the prices had steadily gone up and for me it wasn't worth it. Then you factor in the dodgy ethical practices, the sheer wastefulness of their entire store ethos and the depressingness of the boring tick the box 'fashion' they produce and...ugh. The last thing I bought there was a skirt - again for Halloween and I've regretted it as a waste of money ever since.
I think the real point is I admire and value authenticity and to me that's having an outfit made up of bits of clothing slowly bought from here there and everywhere, and Primark is the antithesis of that.



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