Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Not wine

I bought this lipstick at the weekend on a bit of a whim. It's odd I've never really worn lipstick before, basically because I've got pretty bad skin and I've always somehow felt anyone can wear eyeliner/eyeshadow/mascara etc but that for lipstick you have to have perfect skin - like one of the old school screen sirens or something. That and putting more red on my face seemed like a bad idea. But then I bought this, wore it on Saturday night and it was amazing and got much public acclaim.

The outfit is the first of my weeks worth, as with everyone else it seems I've just had a wardrobe reshuffle, and one of my new ideas was to make up outfits out of the stuff I was reshuffling whilst I was chilled out and had the time - unlike most mornings. So I now have 5 hangers with outfits-in-waiting which is quite exciting. Fingers crossed they all work out!

Oh yeah and today I tried next to the window in the mirror....not 100% successful.

Lipstick; Revlon Matt in Wine Not, shirt: China, bodychain: UO, trousers; H&M


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