Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Orion's Belt

So, big apology for the strangely combative stance/expression, my camera was not playing ball this morning. The universe print skirt was my big news of yesterday, I got it in the Oasis sale for a £9, and it's actually a maxi dress but I don't think I'll be wearing that much of it like that. It's a halter neck so a bit too cleavage-y and something about a halter neck maxi dress is just too' someone's mum at a BBQ'. I love it as a skirt though, I'm a massive fan of prints and it's a bit mental and looks like tie-dye.

Oh and the title, that refers to the necklace, I kept with the universe theme and popped on my VW Orb because I've had numerous people tell me it looks like the 'universe' that's attached to the cats collar in Men in Black.

Necklace: Vivienne Westwood, Jumper; housemates, Dress as Skirt: Oasis, Boots: TKMaxx


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